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Planting a Tree in Memory for Someone in Our National Forest

Planting a Tree in Memory for Someone in Our National Forest

How to Plant a Tree in Memory for Someone In Our National Forests

In many ways, trees are sanctuaries. Trees offer far more to the Earth than humankind gives them. When you’re searching for something that honors a friend or to help memorialize a loved one, you might want to think of planting them a living tribute.

When you want to remember a loved one planting a tree is a gift that serves as a living tribute that creates a living tribute for future generations to enjoy. One of the more difficult considerations, once you decide to purchase a tree in their memory, is learning how to plant a tree in our National Forest. Which tree planting memorial website should you use, and when do you do it?

Read on to learn more about how honoring someone you love by planting a tree in a National Forest. Planting a tree in their memory makes a positive difference to the world at large. You want to make sure to review certain credibility criteria when choosing a tree planting memorial website.

The below informational guide will provide an overview of different websites as well as what each provides in tree planting services.

Plant a Tree in Memory on Arbor Day

Arbor Day falls on April 24, 2020, this year. On that day, the U.S. Forest Service partners with many entities to remind others just how important it is to plant a tree. The Arbor Day Foundation offers several ideas and programs that you can check out if you want to plant a tree in memory or celebration of someone’s life.

The U.S. Forest Service and the Arbor Foundation offer these ideas and programs in the hope your purchase or gift helps to reforest our National Forests. There are also some very practical and sentimental reasons for planting a tree on Arbor Day. One of the most important practical reasons includes the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report (SR15).

The IPCC SR15 report found there’s an urgent need to provide far-reaching transitions in how we use the land, energy, transportation, and more. That’s due in part because of the rapidly warming seasons around the globe. The report came up with twenty solutions which are viable and impactful.

One of the most far-reaching beneficial solutions is forest restoration. Forest restoration has the most climate mitigation potential while empowering people through revitalized communities.

How to Plant a Tree in Our National Forest

When you’re planting a tree in someone’s memory or honor, its important to choose the website that meets your needs. Items to consider are:

For trees planted in the U.S. are they affiliated with National Forest Foundation or National Forest Service?
How long have they been in business, can I verify their affiliation?
Do they have a Facebook page and are there reviews?
Do they publish their phone number on their website, can you order over the phone?
Not interested in planting in the National Forest? Here’s some other ideas for honoring a loved with with a tree planting.

Work with your local arborist, they’ll know which type of tree will thrive in your area.
Send a sapling to the family so they can plant it. Often tree saplings are given after a memorial service..
There are program where you can plant a tree with the cremated ashes of your loved one.
Regardless if you plant the tree or work with a website or service to have it planted your gift will contribute to the reforestation and renewal process.

Can You Find the Exact Tree You Planted in Someone’s Honor?

Most reputable tree-planting entities plant their memorial trees under the supervision or partnership with the Forest Service and/or National Forest Foundation. It is the Forest Service that commits to planting new trees in designated National Forests and Parks that need critical restoration. At this time, no memorial tree-planting organization can give you an exact physical location to visit and stand next to the tree you purchased to be planted in a National Forest.

Planting a tree in memory for someone in our National Forest is heartfelt gesture that expresses your condolences. But the card that gets mailed to your recipient with your words of love and support is really what helps with the healing. Even though you may not know the exact location or forest your tree is planted, I recommend to my clients to find their local National Forest and walk among the trees and know they had a part in making this world a little greener. It really is the thought that counts.

If knowing the exact location of tree is important I’d recommend working with a local arborist to arrange for local tree planting, a tree that can be visited and cherished for generations.

The Cost to Plant a Tree in Someone’s Name

There are varying costs to planting a tree in someone’s name, depending on what tree memorial service you select. Some tree dedication gifts start at only $9.99 per tree. The gift-giver will get a personalized card to commemorate the tree planting, but you may or may not know what forest, what tree or when the tree is being planted.

In almost all cases, there’s no exact location for where the tree is planted provided. If you want to work with the National Forest Foundation, your memorial tree is used to restore the Nation’s Forests in areas that have been damaged by fires, insects, or other natural disasters. Some of these services provide a beautifully printed card that’s mailed with every memorial tree planting.

The card features the Honoree’s name, date, and any personal message you want to write. The cost of this honorary tree service is usually around $14.99. Other honorary tree planting services range from $26.00 for one tree to $575.00 for 200 trees.

Some of these services come with a tree charm and gift card you can personalize. There is a nonprofit that provides an honorary tree service that works with the USDA Forest Service, which allows people to donate money to plant new trees in National Forests.

You must give a minimum tax-deductible donation of at least $10 and the ten dollars purchases and plants ten to fifteen seedlings suitable to the planting site of their choice.

Planting a Tree is Something We All Can Do to Help Our Planet.

The biosphere forest has served the Earth well for over 3.8 billion years. The forest and trees have always been the best carbon removal technology to help keep our planet in balance. The hot, dry conditions over the past thirty years continue to diminish the planet’s best carbon-removal systems.

In those past thirty years, there has been an increase in wildfires, which has continued to grow since 1988. That’s why there are over thirteen active Community Tree Recovery campaigns that have planted over five million trees since 2005. The Mendocino Complex and Carr Fires burned over 688,000 acres and destroyed over 1800 homes and buildings.

Fifty-six thousand people lost their homes in those two fires alone. That’s why it’s critical if you want to honor someone who loves life, forest land, and the beauty of nature, there is no greater gift you can give then by planting a tree in their honor or memory. Every type of tree has a unique benefit it provides to us all.

Each Tree Provides Unique Forest Benefits

The Colorado Blue Spruce provides privacy but also serves a natural windbreak in the forest. The American Redbud gives delicate and fragrant blossoms that light up a forest with dramatic color. The Redwood Tree stores more carbon from the atmosphere than any other forest ecosystem and supports life found nowhere else on Earth.

The beautiful Black Walnut tree provides food and shelter for all forms of wildlife. The Black Walnut tree is also one of the few trees capable of reclaiming stripped and gutted land because they are so hardy.

When It’s Time to Plant a Tree in Someone’s Name

“It’s the thought that counts” has never been truer than when you’re planting a tree in memory or in honor of someone. That’s because it’s a living and breathing tribute that benefits the world. Providing people with a way of expressing compassion, thoughtfulness, and care in a meaningful way that benefits the world and communities.

Plant a Tree in Memory with Mailed Card – $14.99