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A pathway surrounded by trees
The formality or personalization of a note to a co-worker will depend on how close you are with them. If you’re terribly close, then you may want to stick with the close friend category.
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Lush field with trees
Where I go to during my coffee break
Just a few minutes away, the hike at Bull Run in Haymarket Virginia yields a spectacular fall view. I took this picture a couple of weeks ago with my phone.
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A collect of yellow and orange trees
When Everyone Has Moved On
A person may be overwhelmed by the dozens and dozens of sympathy notes that come flooding in after their spouse or loved one has passed on.  It may take him or her weeks to go through them all.
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Collection of golden trees
Friends and Acquaintances
Sympathy notes for friends and acquaintances are not too different from co-workers, except you won’t likely be signing a large card from everyone.  Once again, try to respect their religion by not sending something with strong religious connotations that does not fit in with their particular faith o
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A forest in a field
When a Card is Not Enough
If the person who has passed on or the person who is grieving is not a close personal friend or relative, then a sympathy card is probably sufficient.  When a stronger show of emotional support is called for, you may want to consider some of the following.
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Row of trees in snow
Etiquette of Sympathy Cards
There are a few simple rules regarding the sending of sympathy cards that you should follow, in order to avoid a social faux pas or worse, hurting someone’s feelings.
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